Moto Style Shell + Wireless Charging

Moto Style Shell + Wireless Charging MOT-MODSWIRELESSCH

Fast, wireless charging to suit your style.

It’s the stylish, lightweight smartphone back with benefits. Simply snap on the Moto Style Shell to wirelessly charge your phone’s battery at 10W speed on a charging pad.



  • fast, 10W wireless charging*
    Snap on a shell and charge your phone quickly using a wireless charging pad (not included). No cables. No clutter.
  • expressive designs
    Match your shell to your style with a variety of designs to choose from, including Grey Herringbone Nylon and Floral Print.
  • wireless charging
    Requires compatible wireless charging pad, sold separately. Works on Qi and PMA wireless charging pads.* Dual mode Qi 1.2.3 (10W), PMA 3.0 (5W)
  • dimensions
    153.4 x 73.3 x 3.25 mm
  • weight
    49.2 g
  • built-in battery
  • plays well with others
    Moto Style Shell with wireless charging is compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family.
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