Moto Z3 Play XT1929-4

Moto Z3 Play XT1929-4 MotoZ3Play-Grouped

Goodbye smartphone, hello smartphone+

Go all weekend with up to 40 hours of combined battery life just by snapping on a moto mod™. Plus, get a virtually borderless display, dual depth-sensing cameras, and more.

Motorola Original & Unlocked
Colour: Deep Indigo, Capacity: 32GB

Availability: Out of stock

a virtually borderless display

Binge-watch a show or scroll through your newsfeed on an edge-to-edge 6” Full HD OLED display. Text and images pop with deep blacks and vivid colors. And with a Max Vision 18:9 aspect ratio, you see more and scroll less.

super slim design

At just 6.75mm, moto z3 play is one of the thinnest smartphones around. With an aluminum body, 2.5D shaped Corning® Gorilla® Glass display, and smooth rounded corners, it looks as great as it feels in your hand.

go further

Customize your moto z3 play with new experiences that reflect the things you love. Enjoy immersive gaming with a handheld console, watch movies on a 70” projector screen, and more. Whatever you’re into, there’s a moto mod™ for you.

make a splash

Never let spills, splashes, or a little rain get in your way. A water-repellent coating helps protect your phone inside and out.

here’s looking at you

Unlock your phone simply by letting the front-facing camera see your face. Thanks to facial recognition software, you don’t need to enter your password.

on your side

Unlock in less than a second with just a touch on the fingerprint sensor, now located on the side for more comfortable access. Authenticate apps and make payments in an instant with your unique fingerprint.


Battery for the weekend
Get up to 40 combined hours of battery life when you snap on moto power pack.

Endless possibilities
moto mods let you customize your phone with features that reflect your passions and interests. See them all.

6” edge-to-edge display
Enjoy your favorite content in living color on a Max Vision Full HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Dual depth-sensing rear cameras
Capture and edit brilliant photos and self portraits in any light. The smart cameras even recognize objects and text.

Slim, sophisticated design
With smooth, rounded edges and 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass, it’s a sight to behold.

Blazing-fast charging
Get hours of power in minutes with the included turbopower™ charger.
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